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OmniSource is a support program for eligible Omnitrope® (somatropin [rDNA origin] injection) patients and caregivers. The people at OmniSource are skilled at answering your questions about patient services, guiding patients through the insurance approval process, and providing helpful Omnitrope materials. They can arrange for an OmniSource Nurse Trainer to provide injection training.

Patients who need growth hormone treatment and their families have a growth advocate in OmniSource, not only at the beginning, but also throughout the entire growth journey.

OmniSource is here for patients in many ways, such as:


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Case Manager

  • A dedicated Case Manager conducts benefits investigations, benefits verification, and provides prior authorization information.
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Patient Support Specialists

  • A dedicated OmniSource Patient Support Specialist will work with the patient’s family by providing personalized services throughout the on-boarding process.
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Nurse Trainers and Injection Training

  • A Nurse Trainer provided by OmniSource can come to the patient’s home to give instruction on how to properly use the Omnitrope pen.
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Dedicated Nurse Hotline

  • By calling 877.456.6794 (option 2 at prompt), patients can ask trained nurses non-medical questions about Omnitrope.
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Benefits Investigation

  • Case Manager can conduct a benefits investigation.
  • After approval, the patient can start receiving Omnitrope growth hormone.


  • iAssist is a simple and streamlined e-prescribing platform to start and support patients prescribed Omnitrope.
  • Features include Electronic Patient Enrollment and Prescription, Electronic Signatures for Prescribers and Patients, Real-Time Pharmacy Benefit Check and Eligibility.

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Once patients are enrolled, they will receive a call from their Patient Support Specialist who will welcome them to OmniSource, answer any questions, and tell them more about all of the support services that are available through the program.

The Omnitrope Starter Kit and The Sproutz™ Resource Program

This informative and educational program features an illustrated band of child-friendly rock stars that help parents and caregivers explain the diagnosis to the child. Program components are designed to provide caregivers and patients with a positive and reassuring learning experience.

The Omnitrope Starter Kit backpack is available in two versions, one for children under 13 years of age and one for ages 13 years and up.

BP Center  Under 13 BP Center Over 13

Omnitrope Starter Kit Contents

BP Center 2 BP Center 2
BP Center 2 BP-Center-5 BP Center 6
BP Center 7 BP Center 8 BP Center 9
BP Center 10 BP Center 11 BP Center 12

Note: If patients were prescribed the Omnitrope cartridge, their Starter Kit shipment will include an injection pen.

The Sproutz is a trademark of Novartis AG.
Medikidz is a registered trademark of Medikidz Ltd.

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