Injection Training With the Omnitrope Pen

Patients and caregivers who will administer Omnitrope should receive training and instruction on the proper use of Omnitrope. Patients should see the full Prescribing Information for Instructions For Use. Patients should ask the healthcare professional if there is something they do not understand.

Convenient Injection Pens

  • Available in 5 mg and 10 mg
  • Flexible dosing provides a broader injection range for patients
  • Ready-to-use liquid cartridge eliminates the need to reconstitute
  • Liquid cartridge remains stable for 28 days after first injection*
    • Preservative: phenol (10 mg) and benzyl alcohol (5 mg)
  • One-time priming upon insertion of new cartridge

*Cartridge must be stored or refrigerated from 36oF to 46oF

To further assist with the Omnitrope Pen injection process, patients may download these convenient Omnitrope Pen Instruction Guides and print them out for reference:

If the pen breaks or is not working properly, patients can call their OmniSource Patient Support Specialist for a new one: 877.456.6794 (8am - 8pm ET). Omnitrope Pens are covered by a 2-year guarantee for defective materials or workmanship..


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